Greyson Chance Gets Revenge In 'Unfriend You' Video

Clip, which premiered Wednesday, is first single from 'Hold On 'Til the Night.'

Don't let Greyson Chance's tender age fool you: this Internet sensation-turned-teen pop star has had his share of heartbreak. However, he knows exactly how to overcome the perils of teenage love, as displayed in the new clip for his single, "Unfriend You," which premiered Wednesday (June 29) exclusively on MTV and MTV Hits.

In the clip, Chance becomes distressed while looking at photos of himself and his former girlfriend (played by teen starlet Ariana Grande), and soon discovers her cozying up to a jock-like replacement. Ready for some kind of break, the 13-year-old singer/songwriter turns to his loyal group of friends in the visual for the heartbreak tune, attending an age-appropriate house party filled with dancing, ping pong and, of course, silly string.

In between the festivities, he meets a girl, who seemingly removes all ex-girlfriend woes. Chance takes the fun outside when he and the rest of the house party pay a visit to his former flame's house, covering it in toilet paper, all before showing off his new gal pal.

MTV News caught up with the budding star on the video's Los Angeles-based set, where he gushed about partaking in some on-camera teen mischief. "It's been so much fun already shooting it," he said. "We got to TP this house ... This is just more things leading up to the record, so I'm really excited for it."

As for why the YouTube phenomenon felt the heartbreak tune was fitting as the lead single off his debut album Hold On 'Til the Night, Chance explained, "I think 'Unfriend You' is an amazing record because, one, it's a breakup song, which breakup songs are always fun, and two, it's referencing social media, especially in this day and age, I think it's very important to reference social media in music."

Fans who can't stop listening to "Unfriend You" might find a similar liking to the rest of the singer's new LP, which drops August 2, since it also deals with the trials of heartache. "When I was writing this record, and especially when I was in the studio cutting 'Unfriend You,' I was heartbroken, so it felt good to express myself through the music and through the art of it," the singer explained.

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