Watch Allison Williams Teach Jimmy Kimmel To Fly

Adjust your bits, and think lovely thoughts.

Allison Williams will be doing plenty of soaring in her star turn as Peter Pan, but in the meantime, she's on a personal mission to share the joy of flight with her fellow showbiz brethren. On "The Tonight Show" Monday, she helped host Jimmy Fallon into a harness and instructed him in the finer points of soaring through the air (beginning, obviously, with thinking lovely, wonderful, graivty-defying thoughts.)

We already couldn't wait to see Allison crowing and cavorting in "Peter Pan Live" as the boy who won't grow up, but after this, we're thinking she'd also be perfectly suited for a lead role in a whole other musical, because there's something eerily Mary Poppins-like about the way she gently coaches Jimmy into his flying harness. Especially the part where she has him turn his back to the audience while he adjusts his "bits."