'Inception' Soundtrack Couldn't Have Happened Without Johnny Marr

The box office-dominating, mind-bending film "Inception" is remarkable in a number of different ways. The story is dark and complex, the images are incredible, the effects game-changing and the performances sharp and mysterious. But one of the aspects of the film that really sticks is its sound design and music. Composer Hans Zimmer put together an incredible soundscape using a slew of orchestral tricks, a key Edith Piaf song and some choice guitar work by none other than former Smiths guitarist (and current Cribs axe man) Johnny Marr.

Marr came in late to the proceedings (most of the work on the music was already done when Zimmer tapped him to do it), but he added a number of nuances that added to the noir-romantic feel of the movie. In fact, Marr's work on one particular passage ended up becoming attached to Leonardo DiCaprio's character, morphing into his haunted, longing theme. Though subtle, Marr's work became a big part of DiCaprio's character and, in turn, a huge part of an extremely complex film.

According to Zimmer, bringing in Marr was a wish that happened to become real. "What happened was I kept writing this tune, and I kept hearing Johnny Marr play it," Zimmer told MTV News' Kara Warner at the premiere of "Inception" last week. "Finally, I said to Chris [Nolan], 'What do you think of this idea? I'm like channeling Johnny Marr by now.' And he said it was a great idea."


Had Zimmer and Nolan not brought in Marr (who declared the project "a dream come true"), the entire film might have felt different. "I don't think anybody else could have done it," Zimmer said of Marr's work. "It wouldn't have worked otherwise, and I was willing to throw out the tune if he said no."

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