Will Smith, Cool Dad, Joins Willow Smith Onstage To Sing ‘Summertime’

Time to kick back and unwind

Most of us would probably be mortified to watch our parents rap in front of thousands of people, but when your dad is Will effin’ Smith, you hand that microphone right over and let him do his thing, child.

While performing at the annual Roots Picnic in Philadelphia over the weekend, Willow Smith invited her proud pops (a West Philly native, born and raised, mind you) onstage to perform “Summertime,” a.k.a. the ultimate old-school warm weather jam.

Papa Smith released the song back in 1991, when he was one-half of the hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. And in a heartwarming twist of nostalgia, Jazzy Jeff himself hopped onstage, making for a feel-good reunion that oozes summer vibes.

Late last year, Will hinted that he and Jazzy Jeff were plotting a reunion tour. While no plans have been announced thus far, hopefully this performance is a promising sign of their musical comeback. Hell, maybe Willow or Jaden can join them on the road, too -- may as well make it a family affair!