That Drake Versus Murda Mook Battle Almost Happened And We Had No Idea

Mook has a story to tell.

Drake has already proven that he can rule the Billboard charts, but can the 6 God be looking to rule battle rap as well?

Last year, Drizzy got hip-hop buzzing when he explored the idea of battling Harlem, New York MC Murda Mook, and according to Mook the square-off almost went down Grammy weekend in Toronto.

Rather than attend the prestigious award ceremony in February, Drake stayed in his hometown to help put on the King of the Dot's Blackout 5 event, where Mook just so happened to be in attendance.

"I was just there enjoying the festivities," Mook told MTV News on Tuesday, when he came up to promote his new film "Loisaidas."

"Me and Drake almost battled and it was almost for free. After I was bugging, I'm like I almost did that sh-t for free," he continued.

According to Mook, he didn't intend to be a participate in the two-day event, so on the battle's second day he took advantage of the free alcohol and was a bit under the influence when he was approached by the event organizer to potentially battle the OVO rapper.

"About four hours into it, the person running the event, Organik, he comes to me like, 'Yo, listen if we could Drake to do a one-round battle right now, would you agree to it,'" Mook recalled.

Before agreeing to the battle Murda Mook insisted on speaking to Drake first. "He comes with the smile like the Joker, he has a Joker kind of smile," he said.

Mook says he didn't have any battle rhymes prepared for Drizzy, but after his conversation with Drake figured out that the Young Money MC had some battle lyrics ready. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity, Mook asked Drake for an hour to write and after that hour he'd be ready to face him.

"That's what really put more fuel to my fire because I didn't really have sh-t for him on the writing tip, but I could always whip some sh-t up. It don't matter," Mook said.

After an hour, Mook says that event organizers checked to see if he was ready. "Tell that n---a it's on," Murda remembered saying, before Drake's management team put an end to the whole thing. "I'm going upstairs like it's about to happen. Then they come back like, 'Yo, his manager started buggin'."

The decorated battle vet says that if Drake was truly ready to battle than he has nothing but respect for him, but he is skeptical and wonders if Drizzy backed out after he saw how quickly Mook got prepared.

"The manager card was always there," he said. "But if he was ready, salute and let's make that sh-t happen again."

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