Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Comments On ... You Know, 'Those' Photos

'If you really don't want pictures of yourself to end up on the Internet, don't take the pictures,' Wentz says.

It's been a pretty lousy month for Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz.

On March 1, he found himself embroiled in a rather nasty LiveJournal feud with Christopher Gutierrez, a former pal from Chicago, who accused Wentz of trying to steal his girlfriend and calling him, among other things, a "sh--y, opportunist businessman with even sh----er fashion sense" as well as "a f---ing sellout."

Then, on March 3, at the conclusion of Fall Out Boy's sold-out secret show at New York's Knitting Factory, he took a rather nasty spill after attempting to dive from the club's balcony into the crowd below (see [article id="1525451"]"Falling Fall Out Bassist Takes A Concrete Dive At Club Show"[/article]).

And finally, on Wednesday (March 8), he scored an impressive bad-news trifecta when photos taken from his Sidekick -- some of them showing parts of his anatomy that cannot be reprinted in a family publication -- were somehow leaked onto the Internet, promptly making their way around messageboards and gossip sites from Toledo to Taipei.

So late Wednesday, Wentz decided it was time to do some damage control. In a brief posting on, he touched on his recent string of rather unfortunate events -- focusing mainly on those Sidekick pics -- but rather than placing the blame elsewhere, he struck back with a big, fat mea culpa. And he thanked fans for their support throughout the tough times.

"It's been a tough couple of weeks for me lately," he wrote. "The only good thing about times of adversity is that you realize who your real friends and fans are -- and the rest go away -- which in my mind is an OK thing," he wrote. "The moral of the story: If you really don't want pictures of yourself to end up on the Internet, don't take the pictures.

"As some of you obviously know, someone hacked into my Sidekick and took pictures off of it. This was very upsetting and a total invasion of privacy. I can't explain to you how it feels," he continued. "What's even more absurd to me is that anyone would care to see a couple of racy pictures of some sh---y, dirty boy. After feeling badly about this for about 24 hours, I am now ready to get back to laughing."

And in order to prove that he really was ready to get back to laughing, he ended the post with his take on Wednesday night's finale of "Project Runway," which saw underdog designer Chloe Dao score a surprise victory over fan faves Santino Rice and Daniel Vosovic. And like much of America, Wentz was less than happy with the result.

"OMG! How the f--- did Santino not win?" he wrote. "Santino > Pete Wentz, for sure. I could have understood if Daniel won, but [Dao]? Blah. Now please return to the sh-- talking on whatever message board you are at.

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