Cam'ron Reveals The Name Of His Tour With Jadakiss

Rapper just filmed an 'excessive' video for two songs from his upcoming 'Crime Pays' album.

NEW YORK — [artist id="1163822"]Jadakiss[/artist] sat with all of hip-hop's big bosses, including [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] and [artist id="1043"]Busta Rhymes[/artist], in the new video for "Respect My Conglomerate." Now, the Yonkers, New York, lyrical champ is going to share a stage with another boss: [artist id="400206"]Cam'ron[/artist]. The two Big Apple stars are going on tour this summer, on the heels of their new duet, "Let's Talk About It."

"Shout-out to Jada, the whole D-Block," Cam'ron said Tuesday night after [article id="1610633"]his show at Manhattan's Highline Ballroom[/article].

Cam was a guest of Jada's at a concert at the Apollo Theatre earlier this year. In exchange, 'Kiss jumped on a track for [article id="1606330"]Killa's Crime Pays LP[/article].

"I did the show for Jada; he said he was gonna return the favor," Cam said. "And he kept it real, kept it 100. We just finished [the song] the day we put it out. We just finished it. Make sure you check that out too. Shout-out to everybody in the whole D-Block. We going on tour too. It's called 'The Bosses.' "

Cam just dropped a split video for "Cookies and Apple Juice" and "Silky."

"Video is crazy. We shot it in Miami," he said. "Lot of girls, lot of thongs, bikinis — lot of stuff I can't tell you on MTV, but it was just a lot. Excessive. Shout-out to everybody in Miami for coming through to the video."

Cam's Crime Pays comes out Tuesday. Another track he says to look out for is "Got It for Cheap."

"That's one of the oldest songs on the Internet," he said. "I did that about a year ago. Somebody did the hook. So I did it over, did the hook. It got a great buzz. It got, like, 8 million hits on the Internet. I felt the beat was real hard, I just went in on it."