16 Times Tom Felton Made Up For Draco Malfoy With Social Media Magic

Even the Gryffindors love him now!

Over the past 15-plus years, Tom Felton's identity has become seemingly irrevocably entwined with Draco Malfoy, that towheaded he-devil who spent eight whole movies torturing Harry Potter. But since Felton turns 28 today (September 22), we figured we'd finally acknowledge that the man behind Malfoy has officially made up for his big screen sins in the best way possible: by being really, really funny and accessible-seeming on social media!

Tbh, anyone who follows Felton across all of the various platforms can tell you that his endearing messages to his "Harry Potter" castmates (and creator!) are plentiful, but here are our favorite snaps and tweets from Felton, because birthday:

The time he was able to joke around about Slytherin innuendo.

We all know that Slytherin was totally the best house, anyway. Why not joke around about it?

The time he crowned the next generation.

"Harry and Hermione," he wrote. Awwwwwww, we replied.

The time he made a docu-series for the fans.

... And got his famous friends involved, of course. Basically, Felton made a documentary called "Tom Felton Meets the Superfans" for BBC, and it was charming and heartwarming and anything a superfan of anything could have asked for. Not too shabby, Felton.

The time he accepted a valuable new member into Slytherin house.

Welcome to Slytherin, Kim! With the Actor Formerly Known as Malfoy on your team, you'll fit in in no time.

The time he (begrudgingly) agreed to hang out with some gingers.

... That is, unless you don't show up to his "Potter" hangouts.

"Kim K stood me up," he wrote. "Outnumbered by 3 Weasleys. Ugh."

The time he was BFFs with his onscreen pseudo-nemesis.


The time he shipped #Drarry.

"May as well just say it," he wrote. "We're together now x #drarry." (PS -- we always knew, Tom.)

The time he spent V-Day hanging out with the one who truly matters.

"Happy Valentines Day from me and the big guy x #ihuggedvoldemort," he wrote. So nice when #lovewins!

The time he was literally every "Harry Potter" fan who has ever visited London.

Every. Single. One.

The time he was a gracious winner with Neville Longbottom.


The time he was sorted into Gryffindor.

Same, tbh.

The time he took his GF to Hogwarts.

... Meanwhile, my boyfriend took me to the Jersey Shore and it was kinda cool, I guess.

The time he was totally chill with Starbucks spelling his name "wrong."

When they spell mine wrong, it's like "Shawnique Murray" or something, so. Take what you can get, Tom.

The time he melted your heart.

"I met this boy 13 years ago when he came to visit the Harry Pptter set as a make a wish child," Felton captioned. "He was very ill with not long to live. A few months ago he came to see me in Calgary to give me this picture and told me he's now attending film school and is back to full health. Happy days #magicisreal"


... And then did it again, for good measure.

"Sunk some butter beers with Matthew last week in #DiagonAlley #goodtimes x."


... And finally, the time he admitted that Draco would make a pretty crap boyfriend.

Agreed. Not necessarily on Ron, but on Draco -- agreed. #NevilleForTheWin

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