Shawn Mendes Is Still A Justin Bieber Fan, Even If Bieber Doesn’t Know Who He Is

'I guess he just doesn't know,' Shawn said.

Shawn Mendes has no hard feelings for Justin Bieber.

One day after Justin may or may not have thrown some shade Shawn's way after he claimed he had no idea who the "Stitches" singer was, Shawn is responding, and it turns out he's still a fan.

"We haven't met, but I guess he just doesn't know," Shawn told BBC Radio 1. "I'm definitely a fan, I looked up to him for awhile, but I guess he just doesn't know who I am. We'll have to let him know."

Shawn isn't kidding that's he a fan of the Biebs. He's covered his song "As Long As You Love Me."

And he recently admitted that he loves JB's new single, "What Do You Mean," saying that he "can't stop listening to it."

Something tells me Justin may find out soon since they are both up against each other in the Best Canadian Act category at this years MTV EMA.

This whole thing started after Justin sat down with New York radio station 95.5 and was asked what advice he had for his fellow Canadian singer. Justin responded by asking who Shawn was, which prompted the DJ to rattle off Shawn's resume, leaving Justin in a state of confusion.

“No, I don’t know him, but I will check him out. For sure,” Justin said.