Neal McDonough Confirms 'Captain America' Role (And Bowler Hat), Talks Howling Commandos

Late last week, reports surfaced that "Band of Brothers" star Neal McDonough would return to his World War II roots as Dum Dum Dugan in "The First Avenger: Captain America." We're happy to report that the casting has been confirmed by a very reliable source: none other than McDonough himself.

"I'm so excited — I'm playing Dum Dum Dugan," the actor revealed at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. "It's going to be a blast with Chris [Evans], Sam Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones and everyone else. It's going to be fantastic. We're going to tear it up!"

McDonough is already growing Dugan's trademark mustache and plans to wear the character's signature bowler hat. He also said that the Howling Commandos are a part of "Captain America," though the squad's name could change between now and shooting.

"I'm not sure at this point. It may change — I'm reading a few things that it might change," McDonough said of the Howling Commandos' name. "But at this point, it still is. All I know is that I'm going to kick some butt and it's going to be a blast."

Indeed, McDonough is going to kick plenty of butt, as the actor gleefully revealed: "Oh, I'm going to see a lot of action. [I'm] the go-to guy, so I'm very happy with that."

Beyond going back to the battlefields of World War II, McDonough's excitement stems from the fact that he'll be working alongside Chris Evans, an actor he described as "one of the coolest, funnest cats and a fellow Boston boy — I'm sure we're going to get into a lot of trouble when we're [shooting in England]!"

"He's so dedicated to his craft and he works so hard not just on the physical being but he works hard as an actor," McDonough continued in his assessment of Evans. "If you haven't seen him in 'The Losers,' he just kills it in it."

McDonough is also excited to join the Marvel "family," as he's already a fan of their work with the "Iron Man" movies. "When the first 'Iron Man' came out, it blew everyone's minds and the second one was just incredible," he said. "The people at Marvel are so smart. They know exactly what they have. Jon Favreau, what he's done — the people they bring in. It's terrific. I'm blessed to be part of the family now."

While McDonough has signed to play Dugan in multiple Marvel movies, he's only looking at "Captain America" at the moment. "You sign up for future movies ahead of time, but you just keep praying," he said. "I'm so fortunate to be part of something like this. If there are more to come, great. If not, I've got a great job and I've got the greatest wife at home — that's what makes me happy."

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