That Kale Sweatshirt From Beyonce's '7/11' Video Is Cropping Up Everywhere

I KNOW you care. I mean, even Lena Dunham has one.

Remember when Beyonce surprise-dropped the dance party video for her brand new song "7/11" and we all spent the weekend dancing with blow dryers and red cups trying to recreate it?

Yeah, me too. Well, as usual, Queen Bey did more than just shake up the Beyhive with that new video—she also managed to usher in one of the first plant-related fashion trends of 2015. What is it you ask?

That chic KALE sweatshirt that she sports throughout the video.


Because of course, everybody wants to be like Beyonce. So if Beyonce is wearing a KALE sweatshirt, then you're damn right I'm going to get one. And I'm not the only one that feels that way...

Lena Dunham wore one to ring in the New Year. Nothing like starting off 2015 with a tribute to Bey.

The "Girls" star opted for the grey/green combination, some colorful leggings and knee high socks. That, complete with a washed out fashion-y filter, makes this Insta almost as delicious as the leafy greens themselves.

Nikki Reed uses one to keep warm on the way to working out:

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Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - February 04, 2014

It looks like Reed is rocking a gym-ready look here, and what better to bring along on your workout than a cozy sweatshirt that reps for your favorite vegetable? Admit it Nikki, I know you tried some of those "7/11" balcony moves in the mirror at home.

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Then again, who hasn't practiced shouting "I KNOW YOU CARE!" at the mirror with their best diva look?

Lea Michele wore the tank version to yoga class:

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Lea Michele grabs some Emergen-C whilst leaving a yoga class in Los Angeles, CA

And get this, Bella Thorne was wearing one a solid 9 months before Beyonce...

Does she know something we don't know?!?!

Anyway, the original sweatshirt that Bey is rocking in the video is from Sub_Urban Riot, and though a whole host of copycats have popped up in the meantime, the company is obviously thrilled that B chose to drape her perfect, flawless body in one of their creations.

"Sub_Urban Riot was lucky enough to be noticed by one of the most intelligent, and progressive entertainers in the world. That’s a serendipity, and gift, that trumps any dollar figure," the company told MTV News.

Uhhh, yeah you could say that again. And it's not just celebrities who are cozying up to the trend—it's diehard members of the Beyhive too.

Fans are equally obsessed with the healthy-eating-promoting sweatshirt:

Nordstrom began carrying the item:

One girl took it to the next level, by drinking kale juice while wearing the top:

So what are you waiting for? Get healthy in the new year, and get a new cozy sweatshirt to remind yourself to #BeLikeBeyonce—or you could also follow our handy guide to becoming Queen Bey in 2015. Hey, having the same sweatshirt is a good start, right?

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