Beyonce Surprises World With New Album Featuring Blue Ivy, Jay Z, Drake

After waiting a full year, the singer dropped 'Beyonce' late Thursday night, a 'visual album' also featuring Frank Ocean.

She got the Bey Hive buzzing late last year when she first hinted at a new album in 2013, her first since 2011's 4. And over 12 long months, a killer Super Bowl performance, and an HBO documentary and not a pipe from the siren herself, that buzz had grown into an uproar, with just about everyone wonder: Where is it?

Well, late Thursday night, right around midnight E.T., Beyonce -- without all that much pomp and circumstance and absolutely no prior warning -- dropped Beyonce, a 14-track "visual album" with features from Frank Ocean, hubby Jay Z and even her not even 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

Daughter Blue Ivy is listed as a feature on the album-closing ode to motherhood "Blue," while Blue's daddy Jay shows up on the fierce "Drunk in Love." Drizzy, meanwhile" is featured on "Mine," a "song for the good girl," and Frank Ocean makes an appearance on "Superpower."

The album is available on iTunes, but individual tracks won't be available until December 20.

The full Beyonce track list:

» "Pretty Hurts"

» "Haunted"

» "Drunk in Love" (feat. Jay Z)

» "Blow"

» "No Angel"

» "Partition"

» "Jealous"

» "Rocket"

» "Mine" (feat. Drake)

» "XO"

» "***Flawless" (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)

» "Superpower" (feat. Frank Ocean)


» "Blue" (feat. Blue Ivy)

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