Lady Gaga's 'Fame Monster': New Songs To Be Released On Single CD

'My album as a re-release was entirely too expensive for my fans, so I ripped it in half!' Gaga says.

The recession has been tough on almost everyone, and [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] is one artist who is looking out for her fans. While plans originally called for her eight new songs -- including the new single and video, [article id="1625927"]"Bad Romance"[/article] -- to be available only with the forthcoming double-disc re-release of her debut LP, [article id="1623475"]The Fame Monster[/article], the singer's label has confirmed to MTV News that those songs will now be made available as a less-expensive, "standard edition" album.

In fact, the album will be released in three different configurations in the U.S. alone -- this gets complicated, so pay attention:

» The Fame Monster, out November 23, will include the eight new songs on one disc, and its artwork will feature Gaga sporting a geometric-shaped blond wig on the cover.

» The Fame Monster Deluxe Edition, also out November 23, will include the eight new tracks along with the entirety of her debut album, The Fame, and will feature a brunette Gaga on the cover.

» On December 15, the Super Deluxe Fame Monster Bundle will arrive, and that will contain all of the above tracks, as well as a "Book of Gaga" containing many goodies, including photos, a puzzle, paper dolls, and a much-talked-about lock from one of the singer's wigs.

There are also picture discs and much more Gaga ephemera surrounding the albums available for purchase from her site.

Gaga broke the news of the single disc recently during an appearance on the German TV show, "Wetten, Dass ...?"

"I have a really big announcement to make tonight," Gaga said on the show. "I have been fighting with my record label because my album as a re-release was entirely too expensive for my fans. So last night I ripped it in half!"

The Francis Lawrence-helmed video for "Bad Romance" premiered on Gaga's site on Tuesday (November 10), and her [article id="1623879"]Monster Ball Tour[/article]

launches in Montreal on November 27.