Is It Just Me, Or Are Kylie Jenner's Lips Pantone's Color Of 2015?

Looks like there's going to be at least another year of conversations surrounding Kylie Jenner's lips because Pantone, the world's authority on color, has just named the color of the 2015 and, uh, it's basically the same shade as Kylie's pout. Maybe the team over at Pantone was surfing Kylie's Instagram for inspiration?

PANTONE Colors_Men_10

The color in question, Marsala, comes with the description, "a naturally robust and earthy wine red" that "enriches our minds, bodies and souls." While there's no mention of Kylie the Michelangelo of lipliner, a Sephora PRO artist who worked on the campaign did speak to Yahoo! Beauty, confirming our hunch that there's a link between the color and lip shades.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.40.48 PM (2)

"You can use the shade in a sheer soft way, wrap it around the eye, wear it on your cheek, wear it on the lips—it really is a wearable shade," Gilbert Soliz said. He added that the shade, at least to him, is a throwback to the supermodel glory days when everyone was doing their lips like Kylie. “The color immediately reminded me of Cindy Crawford back in the ‘90s with that monochromatic look. The full brows, tan skin, brown bricky red lips.”

In all seriousness, that is clearly the inspo for Kylie's look, but we're willing to bet Kylie's proven powers of influence helped broaden its appeal.

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