Hilary Duff Is 'All About You' On Her New Single

Singer follows up 'Chasing the Sun' with a slightly more sensitive track.

From bittersweet breakup jams to bright-eyed anthems about the good life to the just-released summer pop jam "Chasing the Sun," Hilary Duff has tackled just about every mood in her catalog.

Now, her latest is all about love. "All About You" is about that honeymoon-phase kind of love -- the kind of feeling when you're addicted to thinking about someone new. The guitar-driven track starts out like a Lumineers or Mumford & Sons joint but builds into something far more peppy, poppy and, well, Hilary Duff.

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"All About You" is the latest off her upcoming album -- her first in seven years -- which she recently told MTV News has an "earthy, indie-pop vibe."

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