'The Fantastic Four' Will Wear Their Comic Costumes -- But Which Ones?

Side question: will they be made of unstable molecules?

20th Century Fox's "Fantastic Four" is coming out this August, but news about the film has been so vague lately that sometimes it almost feels like it was filmed in one of the Invisible Woman's force fields. As cool as the recent trailer was, we still know so little about what to expect -- including what the team will look like once they get their special abilities.

Back in October of last year, Michael B. Jordan told ABC News that the film is going for a "new look" with their "containment suits." So far, all the images that 20th Century Fox has released seem to suggest an all-black utilitarian design, covered in vents and wires. But according to Miles Teller, that's not going to be the team's final look.

"It would be very odd if the Fantastic Four didn't don the traditional costumes," he told ScreenCrush recently. "You've got to. There is some servicing there. You've got to give that to the fans. That's what it's all about."

It's most likely that Teller's talking about the iconic blue jumpsuits that make the Fantastic Four so recognizable (you know, in addition to the stretchy limbs and the guy on fire and the giant rock being), but over the years the Fantastic Four have experimented with a lot of different costume designs -- including some that depart radically from their signature style. Let's take a look, shall we?

The original blue and black look.



Why mess with a classic? Reed Richards and the gang have gone back to this iconic look over and over again for years. Of course, traditionally the blue used is much brighter than recent comic book movies tend to allow, so we bet Fox has toned it down do a deeper hue like the 2004 flick did if they went this route.

Johnny Storm's red look.



Believe it or not, there was actually a superhero before the Fantastic Four who also called himself the Human Torch -- though he was an android. The character fought alongside Captain America in the '40s but was technically retired (save for the occasional reboot that all comic book heroes are subjected to) by the time Johnny Storm came around. In the '70s, Johnny gave himself a gold and red costume inspired by his namesake, but it didn't last for long and eventually he went back to the same uniform look as his teammates.

The "Negative" look.

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After getting stuck in an antimatter universe called the Negative Zone, the Fantastic Four reversed the look of their costumes in favor of a dark navy jumpsuit with white accents. This style was later used in the 1994 animated cartoon as well, which is why it probably feels so familiar to you.

The, uh, '90s.



Not only did Sue Storm design this monstrosity for herself after "starting to feel like an old frump in that tedious, outdated jumpsuit," but Reed Richards and Johnny Storm also followed suit by adding to their costumes through the clever and extremely '90s use of leather vests and jackets. Sue wore a jacket too sometimes, but that honestly kind of made the outfit even worse.

But it's okay, friends! Out of all the possible designs, these ones are for sure the least likely -- can you IMAGINE what the Internet would do if Kate Mara was subjected to number four cut-out cleavage?




Jim Lee clearly went to the Put-Accessories-On-Everything School of Character Design for his redesign in 1997. Belts! Wristbands! Logos! Shoulder straps! Basically, a lot of stuff that will really annoy cosplayers if the movie borrows from Lee.

The Ultimates look.



Josh Trank's film already seems to be modeled after the Ultimate version of the Fantastic Four, who meet each other as government-recruited high school students. It would be really cool if they went with this sleek tri-toned style to match (look, Sue even gets her own rad varsity jacket for casual wear in addition to her jumpsuit!), but somehow it just looks too flashy for the Cronenberg-inspired design of the images we've already seen.

The Future Foundation look.



In addition to expanding the FF team beyond a small family of weirdos and into -- well, a philanthropic organization of weirdos (including Spider-Man, even!), the Future Foundation also gave all its members a swanky new costume to wear when they were fighting bad guys on company time. It's a bit early to have Reed Richards reaching out to other heroes, though, especially since Fox only has rights to the X-Men. And besides, if we can't see the Ultimates costume working in the Trank film, how is all this bright white gonna fly?

The rebooted red look.



When James Robinson and Leonard Kirk relaunched the "Fantastic Four" comic series for Marvel last year, they started by redesigning the team's costumes to look completely different. A little too much like Incredibles, actually. It would be cool to see the movie give this look a quick nod, but I think blue's definitely a better choice.

"Fantastic Four" hits theaters on August 7th.

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