Tegan And Sara Are Joining The Archie Comics Universe And Here's Your Exclusive First Look

Tegan and Sara will make their debut in The Archies #5

After surviving Archie Andrews's inflated ego, being stuck in New Jersey, and a wildly trippy ride to the 1960s, the Archies can do anything, right? If only it were that easy.

In The Archies #5, Archie and his pals face their toughest hurdle yet when one of the members unexpectedly quits the band, putting their entire tour in jeopardy. No one said being in a band with your best friends (and Reggie) would be easy. It's a good thing indie pop sirens — and sisters — Tegan and Sara are there to help Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie navigate their first major crisis. And maybe they'll all become a little closer as bandmates in the process.

That's right: MTV News can exclusively reveal that Tegan and Sara are headed to the Archieverse! And they're both pretty stoked about it.

"Growing up we loved Archie comics," Tegan Quin said in a statement to MTV News. "We would read them in line at the grocery store and beg for them when we would go on vacation to Vancouver Island in western Canada every summer. I vividly remember passing back and forth copies of the latest Archie comics in the minivan as we made the 11-hour drive through the Rocky Mountains. We feel truly thrilled to be included — even in print form — in some small way with the comic."

Archie Comics / Art by Greg Smallwood

The Archies - Smallwood

Check out the cover of The Archies #5 by artist Greg Smallwood.

The Canadian duo will make their debut in The Archies #5, written by Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg, with art from Joe Eisma, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli.

"I love the mix of acts we've gotten to jam with the Archies, and Tegan and Sara are no exception," Segura said. "The fun part about writing this series is that the groups coming in get to meet the Archies at different points in their musical journey, and this issue will find the Archies at a major crossroads — one that might change the makeup of the band forever."

"We're all thrilled to have Tegan and Sara on board for The Archies #5," Rosenberg added. "In addition to being a big fan of their music, I know that our band can learn a lot from them."

In addition to the Greg Smallwood cover above, MTV News can also exclusively unveil variant covers by Eisma and Thomas Pitilli.

Archie Comics / Art by Joe Eisma


Variant cover by Joe Eisma

"Of the bands we've featured thus far, I've been a fan of Tegan and Sara the longest, and their team up with The Archies will make for some exciting comics," Eisma said. "I'm looking forward to drawing this super talented and stylish band!"

Archie Comics / Art by Thomas Pitilli


Variant cover by Thomas Pitilli

The Archies #5 will hit your local comic book shop in February 2018.

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