'Hills' Bombshell: Brody Jenner Says He Never, Ever Hooked Up With Lauren Conrad

Or Audrina Patridge…or Jen Bunney.

Let's go back, back to the periods between 2007 and 2010. It was a time when we couldn't get enough of all things "The Hills": LC/Heidi/Spencer's never-ending feud, Lauren's turn as the "girl who DIDN't go to Paris," Brody Jenner's love life. Remember the time Jen Bunney infamously "stole" Brody from LC during her 21st birthday party? Oh, the drama.

Well, it looks like some of those good and crazy times have come to an official end because, according to Brody, none of his on-screen romances were real.

In a sit-down interview with with Yahoo Style and Joe Zee, Mr. Jenner got candid about his role on MTV's beloved reality series, revealing that he never hooked up with any of his female costars (the only exception: Kristin Cavallari, but that was before their televised tenure).


"I didn’t have sex with Jen Bunney. I didn’t hook up with Audrina [Patridge]. I didn't hook up with any of these girls," he said. "And then you get all these people saying, 'Oh, Brody's a male whore. He sleeps with all these girls,' when in actuality, I didn't do that."

As for Lauren, it turns out she and Brody were never the item cameras led us to believe either. By Brody's account, he and the former Teen Vogue intern were "just friends." (Say whatttttt?)

"Lauren's a dear friend of mine, and it was pretty funny to have to live that reality," Brody recalls. "We were just friends. We'd film a scene of us kissing or being in this lovey-dovey scene, and then right after, it would be like, 'Cut.' And we’d be like, 'Great to see you,' and we'd go our separate ways."

And since we're talking about "The Hills," we can't NOT mention Spencer again. To no one's surprise, Brody confirms that his longtime pal has always been keen to drama. "The crazy thing about Spencer is that he manifested his own destiny," B shared. "He said, 'I want to be the biggest villain in the whole world. I want people to hate me.'"

While the majority of the Les Deux crew has remained mum on Brody's shocking revelations, Jen couldn't help but interject with her side of the story, tweeting:

Hmmm, looks like the rest is still ... unwritten.

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