Rita Ora Says Ripping Off Zac Efron's Shirt Was Totally Spontaneous

Never one to let us down, Rita reveals why she stripped Zac Efron at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

Remember that time when Rita Ora channeled the desires of everyone ever and heroically ripped Zac Efron's shirt off at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, thus liberating his flawlessly manscaped chesticles from their cottony tomb? Oh, the visual is tattooed on the inside of your eyelids because #NEVERFORGET, too? Cool.

Well, I got the chance to interview Rita recently, so this was clearly a major point of discussion. Don't worry, Bots, I obviously got your fave to spill details about her forthcoming sophomore album, O, and her role in the film adaptation of "50 Shades Of Grey", but, like... There are some things you've just gotta get off your chest, you know? Like shirts. If you're Zac Efron. ANYWAY.

While I didn't ask the "I Will Never Let You Down" singer what Zac's chest feels like -- why tease yourself with something you'll never have? -- I did get her to reveal whether or not the stunt was planned. Guess what: It was a "spontaneous moment"! Yes, Virginia, there was an impromptu Zac Efron striptease, though sorry about Santa Claus. Still not real.

Not only that, but the event may have been the work of divine inspiration. The moment was, in Rita's words: "Kind of like somebody in my mind spoke to me and said, 'You better go rip that shirt off!' "

I mean, I hear a voice in my head commanding me to do that exact same thing nearly every day. Who knew that I could have been destined for, like, Joan of Arc Jeanne d'Arc-level greatness? (That's right, I took French.) Well, at least if there's one person to snatch that glory from me, I'm glad it was Ms. Rita Ora.

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