Jerry Seinfeld And Larry David's 'Huge' New Project: They're Not Talking, So We Are

Seinfeld didn't give much detail in a chat on Monday, but we think it could be a 'Seinfeld' musical or a show about something.

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are up to ... something. We don't exactly know what it is yet and Jerry's not really talking, but during an AMA chat on Reddit on Monday he revealed that the duo behind "Seinfeld" are working on a "big, huge, gigantic" project.

He would not, however, say what it was, other than to explain that the pair "never obsess over anything that isn't mundane," with "intentional mumbling" recently making the list of things that drive them crazy.

Jerry talked about a lot of things in the chat (why "The Hangover" should have been a one-and-done, why he likes laugh tracks and how "Seinfeld" was definitely not pitched as a show about nothing), but, sadly, did not give even a hit of what he and Larry are up to.

That didn't stop MTV News from speculating on what stroke of genius could be next on their agenda. Here are our guesses as to what Lar and Jer might be cooking up:

'The Other King Of Queens'

As the team's new GM, Jerry is tasked with turning around his beloved New York Mets. Watch as he attempts to keep portly pitcher Bartolo Colon on a strict 'Big Salad' diet, complains about the long line for Shake Shack at CitiField, and has to deal with his father's kvetching when he trades Ike Davis. Guest starring Michael Richards as Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

A Pretzel & Chinese Food Restaurant

Combining two of "Seinfeld's" most famous episodes, Jerry and Larry will be opening a Pretzel & Chinese Food Restaurant. Not only have the duo cracked the pretzel formula to create pretzels that don't make you thirsty, they'll fulfill Elaine Benes' greatest wish and seat everyone by hunger level.


The prequel to "Seinfeld." It's a show about something.

'Rochelle, Rochelle: The Movie'

One running joke from "Seinfeld" found the characters going to see a movie titled "Rochelle, Rochelle," the story of one young woman's erotic journey from Milan to Minsk. Not to be outdone by the upcoming "Nymphomaniac," the movie has finally been written. It's real, and it's spectacular.

Seinfeld: The Musical

The next Rodgers and Hammerstein, Jer and Lar not only pen showstoppers such as "The Big Salad Wrap Rap" and "A Festivus Carol," they get to show off their jazz hands. Bernadette Peters stars as Elaine. The 11 o'clock number, "What's the Deal With Train Traffic Ahead of Us?" wins a Tony. At curtain call, instead of bowing, they take center stage for a collective shrug.

'Bee Movie 2: The Re-Stinging'

Let's be honest, the first major motion picture script written by Jerry was ... underwhelming. Sure, "Seinfeld" alums Kramer and Puddy were on board for 2007's "The Bee Movie", along with Renee Zellweger, Chris Rock, Matthew Broderick, Sting, Oprah Winfrey and John Goodman, but the honey-stealing plot was pretty lame. In the re-boot, J.J. Abrams takes Barry and the gang to a bee planet where they realize that humans are not the real enemy.

Mount Sein-more

In a recent episode of Seinfeld's series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," Jerry told Don Rickles he'd put the comedian on the "Mount Rushmore of Comedy," along with Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Bill Cosby. But as it turns out, he was just humoring Rickles. What's a bigger, huger project than resculpting the face of Mount Rushmore to look like Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer? Just watch out for those Van Buren Boys!