Who Left 'Ex On The Beach' With A Crush -- And Who Went Home Solo?

Plus, find out which couples are still together and which ones have since called it quits

Angela, Chase, Chris, Cory, Faith, Jasmine, Paulie, Taylor, Tor'i and Victoria were blindsided by a bunch of former flames (except for lucky Tor'i) on Ex on the Beach. And during tonight's finale, they -- plus ex-turned-OG Alicia -- were faced with a decision: Give someone (anyone in the house) a Crush vote lei or keep it (and go home solo).

How did the final ceremony unfold? While some choices were not surprising -- like Alicia, Jasmine and Chris wrapping the flower necklaces around their own necks as well as Angela/Tor'i and Cory/Taylor crushing each other -- Paulie and Faith giving their former flames a Crush was a bit unexpected. The biggest shocker: Chase blindsided and rejected Victoria, telling her that their connection was "probably not going to work outside of this house," then saying he was going to keep the vote for himself and that she should follow his lead. And she was pissed.


But in the end, it wasn't happily ever after for three out of the four couples who opted to leave paradise with a mate.

History repeated itself with Paulie and Lexie (yep, he was caught texting another girl), while June ghosted Faith (and she's "currently searching for his car so she can pee in it").

Now, Angela and Tor'i: They got a place together in Los Angeles and were steady for a little while. But it all fell apart after they watched the first episode of this series and had a massive fight, which led to their breakup (unclear if she repeatedly declared, "I'm done!" in the middle of the disagreement). Unclear if a chocolate sundae had anything to do with it...

As for Bonnie and Clyde Cory and Taylor, they are still together in the City of Angels -- except for Cory allegedly cheating on her with Alicia after the show.

Which outcome surprised you the most -- and which had you saying "no s**t"? Offer your take in the comments, and watch the video below of some cast members revealing their current status with their exes.

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