How Jade's Plastic Surgery Nightmare Turned Into A Reality On 'Teen Mom 2'

'I was terrified that this was going to happen'

Jade wanted to feel more like herself after becoming a teen mom, so she traveled to Miami with her family for multiple liposuction procedures. Briana, who had documented the aftermath of the identical Brazilian butt lift, warned Jade that she was going to be in pain post-operation and that she felt like she was on her "death bed for three days."

Sadly, when Jade had a "mini panic attack" regarding the aftermath of the procedure before even going to the clinic, it was warranted: During tonight's episode, she emerged from the operation in excruciating pain, and her mom Christy was absent for two hours (and counting) while picking up pain mediation.


"She should have gone while her daughter was in surgery, got the medicine and had it already. But she didn't," Sean told Briana (who made the trip with Shirley to see Jade).

Jade did not want cameras in her bedroom, but she cried to Sean that she didn't get what was transpiring. Meanwhile, Sean confessed to her that he didn't trust her mother and explained that Christy didn't have cell service (Christy was only reachable at places with WiFi).

"I can't f*cking believe this," Jade sobbed.

Sean was finally able to reach Christy on the phone, and Christy insisted "no place has them" (aka the prescription for Percocet). Briana opted to speak to Christy and told her to return to the rental house so someone else could find the medicine. Briana relayed that the MTV grandma was bawling, but Sean believed she was "full of sh*t."

Jade's take: Her worst fears were being realized.

"I was terrified that this was going to happen," she told Bri.


Before long, executive producer Larry joined the rest of production and told Sean that he needed to make an "adult decision."

"She has wounds all over her body, you have a kid there, you have Jade there that's helpless at the moment. It might be worth it for her to go to the hospital. But she can't be transported to the hospital in the condition that she's in by us," Larry stated, adding that someone needed to call an ambulance.

"I'm not going to let her sit here and suffer," Sean said. He told Jade about Larry's idea, and she agreed it was the best option. Briana called 911 and told everyone that emergency personnel was on the way. But Jade was in agony and disbelief.

"I always get treated like this," she sobbed. "Always."

When paramedics arrived, they instructed the cameras to be turned off. Will Jade go to the hospital, and how will this impact her recovery? Don't miss Teen Mom 2 next Tuesday at 8/7c.

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