'Fringe' Star Anna Torv Teases Leonard Nimoy's Return

'I keep thinking, is there another William Bell?' actress muses about show's mysterious plotline.

On the season finale of "Fringe" last spring, fans were surprised to find out that the actor behind the elusive Dr. William Bell was none other than Leonard Nimoy of "Star Trek." And with season two under way and just as many questions going unanswered about Massive Dynamic and the parallel universe, it seems there is still a place for Nimoy to return and leave Olivia Dunham just as confused as he did the first time around.

"I think so, yeah," Anna Torv, who plays the stoic Detective Dunham on the Fox series, said when asked if Nimoy would be back. "This is the thing too: I don't know and I don't know if we're going to meet. ... It depends on if we end up seeing Walter from the other side and who that character is."

And along with wondering about the possibility of another Walter Bishop (John Noble's mad scientist and former Bell associate) comes the possibility that there's another William Bell wandering somewhere around Dunham's own universe. "Then I keep thinking, is there another William Bell?" Torv mused. "The Bell that we've met is the one from here who's stuck over there. I don't know."

With so many questions left, Thursday night's episode seeks to perhaps answer a few, especially when it comes to the sometimes creepy, always elusive Observers.

"At the moment, what we know about them ... they seem to just kind of watch everything," she explained. "They seemingly just observe. That's kind of it. But the episode that we have coming up, we're not sure if all they do is just observe."

She went on to explain that in fact they've already proven that they can do more than just that. "We also know one of them saved Walter and Peter [Joshua Jackson] when they were in a car accident ... so we know they can interfere."

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