Creed Apologizes For Bassist's Anti-Pearl Jam Tirade

Using the alias of "Anthony Flippen," Creed frontman Scott Stapp has taken to the bulletin board at the band's official Web site ( and posted an apology for comments that bassist Brian Marshall made about Pearl Jam in a recent interview.

Stapp made the post shortly after Marshall made the comments while speaking to Seattle radio station KNDD (see [article id="1427593"]"Creed Bassist Disses Pearl Jam In Radio Interview"[/article]), although it wasn't until later that Stapp's identity was confirmed by the monitor of the bulletin board.

In his apologetic message, Stapp wrote, "I am learning that part of being in a band is sharing in the consequences of another member's actions.... I'm writing because I don't understand why he said what he said, and I definitely don't agree with any of it.

Yes, [the interview] was [conducted] early," he continued, "yes, we get

tired of the PJ question, but there is no excuse for the arrogance and stupidity. I ask you all not to judge Creed as a band, because the statements made were not the band's feelings, they were Brian's.

I'm sorry if Brian offended anyone, and he has already apologized to us for his comments. Concerning Pearl Jam, I hope that one day we can be regarded as having as much class, integrity, innovation, and passion as this legendary band.

On Saturday, June 24, Stapp will be honored by the organization Women For Fatherhood prior to Creed's performance at the Meadows Music Theater in Hartford, Connecticut (see [article id="1427592"]"Creed's Scott Stapp To Receive Parental Award"[/article]).

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