Watch Lauv And Troye Sivan Haunt Cutesy Couples In 'I'm So Tired' Video

Two 'heartbroken, love-scorned ghosts'

Love is all around this Valentine's Day, but if you're just not feelin' the mood, Lauv and Troye Sivan have the video for you.

After releasing their collab "i'm so tired..." last month, the heartbreak kings become "love-scorned ghosts" in the accompanying, DAD-directed clip. It opens with Lauv singing on the roof of a diner and crashing a cute couple's date, sourly shoving a straw into their milkshake. When Troye's verse kicks in, the scene moves to a suburban road, where he casually sits atop another couple's car as they make out inside. Ugh, PDA, am I right?

All the while, the third-wheelers offer up an all-too-relatable sentiment: "I'm so tired of love songs, tired of love songs, tired of love songs, tired of love / Just wanna go home, wanna go home, wanna go home, whoa."

In a statement about the vintage-filtered vid, Lauv said, "In 'i'm so tired...', Troye and I are bitter heartbroken ghosts amidst super-in-love couples who are being... all in love. It was freezing. Troye was harnessed on top of a car and I almost fell off a diner. It was fun."

Troye added, "The 'i'm so tired...' video sees Lauv and I become heartbroken, love-scorned ghosts messing with the loved up couples around us. It was such a good time to make."