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Kylie Jenner Proves Her Snapchat Is A One-Woman Home Shopping Network

While teasing her massive holiday cosmetics collection

The success of Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic empire can be tied to her strategic teasing of items on her Snapchat. And with yesterday’s reveal of her massive new holiday line, she’s basically a one-woman Home Shopping Network.

One of the truest auteurs of our time, Kylie took a panoramic shot of the products with the Snow filter, as Destiny's Child’s “8 Days of Christmas” played in the background.

The collection might be her biggest release yet. It features everything from new eyeshadow palettes to cream eyeshadows to brushes to mini–lip glosses.

The reveal took so long she even had to take an intermission, which was great, because we all needed to catch our breath after it had been taken away by the sight of so many dazzling pigments.

While this is the “Holiday Collection,” the items have a definitively Christmas theme to them. Some products double as tree ornaments and the eyeshadow palette features shades like “Silent Night” and “Nutcracker.”

If you plan on purchasing items from the collection, which goes live on November 21, might we take this chance to remind you not to try buying them elsewhere than the Kylie Cosmetics site. Or else risk gasoline-laced lip gloss in your stocking. Festive!