Frank Ocean Trolls The World With The Remix To A Yet-To-Be Released Song

The remix to 'Little Demon' features Arca and Skepta

Frank Ocean is like an evil villain, leaving fans morsel after morsel of what nefarious deed that he's going to do next. These deeds, for him, are singles, all hopefully leading up to a new project.

The latest glimpse at this is "Little Demon" a track that has an odd distinction compared to Frank's other singles: It's the only release in recent memory where the remix came out before the actual song. In other words, here's the remix to "Little Demon" that features producer Arca and Skepta.

During Frank's latest episode of Blonded Radio on Beats 1, he launched a pre-order for "Little Demon." The b-side of the 7-inch single, which features the remix with Arca, was released instead, because who is Frank if not a man of mystery?

It's hard to imagine exactly what the original sounds like, too, because Arca's version deconstructs the musicality to elementary blocks, then rebuilds it by smashing everything together. There aren't too many words to exactly describe this beautiful, rickety ruckus; voices that could belong to rogue Skynet AI swim against the violent current of synths for one hell of a mix.

If you're keeping score, this is the third new track from Frank to drop in the past few weeks. He dropped "DHL" last month and "In My Room" a couple of days ago.

Check out the technologically arcane "Little Demon" remix up above.