'True Blood' Recap: A Major(ly Sexy) Character Dies In 'Fire In The Hole'


Well, "True Blood" said that anybody was fair game when they offed Tara in the season premiere, and we all knew that more (and more upsetting) death was likely on the way, but that in no way prepared us for what was to come during the July 6 episode, "Fire in the Hole." It's not fair. It's. Not. Fair.


Death Comes For... HOLY CRAP, NO!!!

Of. Course.

You know, Alcide's untimely death really shouldn't have surprised me, given the fact that the show has fully been setting us up for a Bill-Sookie endgame over the last couple of weeks. But it did. Good lord, it did.

So, crazy enough, a plan of Sookie and Bill's actually worked. They used Sookie's fairy mojo blood as bait, effectively luring the Hep-V vamps out of hiding -- except at the very moment when the Hep vamps came outside to rumble, so did Alcide, Jason, Sheriff Andy, Jessica, the rest of Sookie' B-team... and the Bon Temps hillbillies, with their beloved guns. A shootout happened, and a lone stray bullet pierced Alcide. Sookie quickly decided against turning him, which may or may not have had something to do with the speech she gave earlier to Bill about not really loving the jacked-up werewolf as much as he loves her.

Rest in peace, Alcide and your wonderful, life-affirming abdominal muscles. You were far too good for this world.

Violet Proves Her Worth



Maxine Fortenberry's death definitely didn't make up for Alcide's, but it did give us a reason to approve of Jason's relationship with Violet. Little Stackhouse, Andy, Jessica, and Violet were on the road looking for Sookie when they ran into the gang of gun-toting, angry Bon Temps hillbillies, who were all freshly invigorated after messing with Sam. Maxine, however, finally -- FINALLY -- met her maker when she basically called Jessica a whore, which (surprisingly) annoyed Violet to the point of ripping the obnoxious woman's still-beating heart right out of her chest. We'll take it!

Eric Gets A Flashback

Hm, well, okay.

I guess the show could only focus on the demise of ONE of Sookie's eligible bachelors this week, so Eric's unfortunate Hep-V drama was largely shelved in favor of an '80s flashback. I'm bummed that we didn't get much more detail regarding Eric's current... situation, but happy that we got to see just how deep his loyalty to Pamcakes really goes, because it is (and always has been) one of the strongest relationships on the show.

Anywho, so we saw that Eric let his very sweet and very French girlfriend Sylvie die (at the hands of the Authority) so that Pam could live, and also saw that present-day Eric was exhausted and fully prepared to throw in the towel -- that is, until Pam let it slip that Jason had let the she-devil Sarah Newlin live at the end of season six.

"Aca-scuse-me?" Eric replied, before getting his gross, veiny ass off that comfy French chair and re-joining the action on this show.

Sarah Newlin Returns

And speaking of everybody's favorite Bible-thumping, stiletto-stabbing madwoman, she made a very "True Blood" friendly (mid-coitus) return, and though it looks like she's fully namaste'd and turned over a new leaf at this point, something tells me her guru boyfriend's untimely death will throw her right back into the mix.

Lafeyette And James' Excellent Adventure



A few other things went down during Alcide's final day (like the Reverend opening up to Willa, but, ZZZZZ), though my absolute favorite was Lafayette finally getting a second chance at lovvvvve with someone -- even if that someone happens to be Jessica's current boyfriend, James. James and Lafayette spent the night high on pharmaceuticals, which is obviously not great, but it's still lovely to see Laff doing anything that involves his own happiness instead of Lettie Mae's or Tara's.

What did you think of the episode, Truebies? Were you surprised to see Alcide go? Are you angry, depressed, violent, or actively looking for revenge? Post your feelings here!