The Cast Of 'Selma' Wants You To See Color, And Talk About It

'To be color blind is not a thing I think we should boast about,' says Ava DuVernay.

In honor of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., MTV is having an honest and brave conversation about race across all screens. Share your story using the hashtag, #TheTalk. Your tweet may appear on-air, or on

This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, MTV News turned the camera on several of our favorite stars to hear their personal experiences with bias, and what they think we can all do to make Dr. Martin Luther King's dream a reality in 2015.

The cast of "Selma" are pretty much experts on this topic. The movie stars and was directed by people of color, and details the time that Martin Luther King, Jr. spent in Selma, Alabama fighting for access to and reform of the voting process.

David Oyelowo, who played King, spoke with us about teaching his four kids about being black in today's society.

"Not until the killing of Tamir Rice in Cleveland did I feel a need to talk to my children, especially my sons, about being careful," Oyelowo said.

Oyelowo continued on a personal note. "I have mixed-race kids, biracial kids," he said. "And people aren't too pleased about that."

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Ava DuVernay, the director of "Selma" urges that we shouldn't boast about being "color blind."

"See color and celebrate it, see our differences and celebrate it," said DuVernay.

So, are you ready to talk?

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