Loon Formally Charged In Stabbing As New Details Arise

Witness says incident occurred as people rushed the stage.

Felony assault charges against Loon and two associates are now official.

Loon, whose real name is Chauncey Hawkins, is charged with one count of assault with a deadly weapon, stemming from a stabbing at a West Hollywood nightclub earlier this month. Attached to that are two special allegation counts, one for use of a deadly weapon and one for use of a deadly weapon with intent to cause great bodily injury, both of which could add more prison time to the original count if Loon is found guilty.

Loon and two associates, William Reyes and Teon Tanqueray, were arrested in the early morning hours of February 13 after a security guard was stabbed at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip (see [article id="1485072"]"Loon Charged With Attempted Murder"[/article]). Reyes and Tanqueray face the same charges as Loon. The district attorney formally filed the charges on Friday after receiving evidence from sheriff's detectives.

Loon has entered a plea of not guilty and will next appear in Beverly Hills Superior Court for a preliminary hearing on April 15.

It was initially reported that the stabbing occurred as the men were trying to gain entry into the club, but a House of Blues employee, who asked to remain anonymous, recently told MTV News that the men were already inside and were trying to gain access to the stage, where Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz were performing.

According to the employee, several people tried to rush the stage, and after more workers were brought in to control the crowd, the security guard was stabbed. Police arrived, locked down the venue and picked Loon and the two other men out with the help of witnesses.

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