Watch This TV Host Perfectly Explain How Hatred And Islamophobia Actually Help ISIL

'And I'm pretty sure that none of us want to help these bastards.'

In the aftermath of the recent attacks in Paris, an anchor for the Australian TV show "The Project" has an important message for everyone, ever: Don't be hateful -- it's exactly what the terrorists of ISIL want.

As Waleed Aly explains, knee-jerk reactions of fear and Islamophobia (directed toward refugees and Muslim citizens alike) play right into ISIL's desire to alienate Muslims from the rest of the world and encourage them to join their ranks.

"They want to start World War III, a global war between Muslims and everyone else. That's what they want to create," Aly explains. "They want countries like ours to reject their muslims and vilify them."

The Project


"ISIL's leaders would be ecstatic to hear that since the atrocity in Paris, Muslims had reportedly been threatened and attacked in England, America and here in Australia," Aly says. "Because this evil organization has it in their heads that if they can make muslims the enemy of the west, then Muslims in France and England and America and here in Australia will have nowhere to turn but to ISIL. That was exactly their strategy in Iraq -- and now they want it to go global."

In a response that gets a bit emotional, Aly puts it plainly: Despite the "million raging emotions" we may be feeling, holding our ranks and combating xenophobic attitudes is the real way to combat ISIL's campaign of hate.

The project


Aly goes on to explain that politicians, community leaders and regular folk who allow the anger, fear and hatred to take over are "helping" ISIL's cause, citing their newsletters and documents that talk at-length about removing the "gray area" and encouraging others to become extremists. Globally, our response to these attacks matter.

"If you're just someone with a Facebook or Twitter account firing off misguided missives of hate -- you're helping ISIL. They've told us that," Aly says. "And I'm pretty sure that none of us want to help these bastards."


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