Rihanna's Marijuana Photos From Coachella Spark Controversy

Rihanna went on a pretty impressive tweeting spree during Coachella last weekend, which came complete with provocative shots of her time out in the California desert, via Instagram. Photos from the weekend included her posing with Snoop Dogg and Warren G (who performed with Dr. Dre and Tupac’s hologram), hanging out with Katy Perry, but one set of photos sparked a bit of controversy.


Rihanna Practices Dance Routine For 'Where Have You Been' Video

The 24-year-old singer posted snapshots of her hanging in the Coachella crowd, sitting on top of a bodyguard’s head, rolling a cigar leaf full of marijuana, but the picture didn’t go over so well with all of her fans. Plenty of sites speculated that the substance, which looked powdery and white in the tinted Instagram shot, might’ve been cocaine. We’re not rocket scientists or anything, but it seemed like the cigar leaf clearly pointed to marijuana.

via YBF/Rihanna instagram

After Coachella, Rihanna jetted off to Hawaii, where she shared another set of raunchy photos with fans on Facebook. In addition to posting a photo of her getting ready to snorkel, she included a series of topless snaps from a waterfall (girls just wanna have fun, right?) This week, she also added a new still from her upcoming video "Where Have You Been" which finds her kneeling between trees and flowers, sporting a mesh bikini top. This follows the first picture she leaked from the set in March.

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