John Green's Charity Car Race Got A Little Heated — Literally

Maybe this experience will inspire his next book?

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Everyone's favorite YA author, vlogger and activist, John Green, participated in a charity car race, raising money for Driver's Edge. The race went perfectly, except when the car Green was in caught on fire.

Yes, you read that correctly. "The Fault in Our Stars" author was in a fiery automobile. But don't worry — he's perfectly fine! He raced fellow author Maggie Stiefvater in Princeton, MN. Stiefvater is the author of "The Raven Cycle" series. If you're all about that Periscope life, you can watch his pre-race video here.

Green's car caught on fire during the first race, but because he's a BAMF, he went and raced again. Seriously, John Green. That takes a TON of guts.

Green was super pumped for the race.

But apparently, Stiefvater made — and somewhat broke — an important promise.

As Green proudly held his trophy, he pointed out the reason he was holding the trophy in the first place.

"Maggie let me win the first race because my car caught on fire halfway through. BUT EVERYTHING IS OKAY. One more race to go," captioned Green.

There's even video of the car catching on fire, because of course there is.

Skip to the five-minute mark to see the fire.

See? Green is A-OK.

And then he decided to race in the SAME CAR again shortly after the whole fire incident.

Despite the, uh, minor setback, he seemed to have a fantastic time.

Stiefvater won both the race AND the internet.

We're so glad you're all right, John!

John Green

John Green

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