This Cover Of Rihanna’s ‘Desperado’ May Be Sexier Than The Original

The Kills really, uh, <i>kill</i> this one

When Season 2 of True Detective aired on HBO last year, it featured recurring scenes of Colin Farrell smoking and drinking and brooding in a dingy bar while some female indie singer performed just as broodingly onstage. Her voice was beautiful but haunting, an appropriate soundtrack for the dangerous (but HELLA DRAGGING) mystery unfolding around her. That’s kind of what The Kills’s new cover of Rihanna’s “Desperado” sounds like: a sinister, Western-tinged ballad that practically sweats sexiness.

Hot on the heels of releasing their fifth album Ash & Ice, the indie rock duo performed their cover of RiRi’s Anti cut during a SiriusXMU live session. Singer Alison Mosshart’s bluesy huskiness makes the song sound equal parts sinister and sultry, while Jamie Hince slows down the tempo with his sparse acoustic guitar. Basically, it rivals Father John Misty’s version of “Kiss It Better” as the most unexpectedly awesome Anti cover.

Check out The Kills’s cover here, compare it to Rihanna’s original version below that, and then ride off into the sunset like the badass you were born to be.

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