'It' Floats To Box Office History With Horror's Best Opening Weekend Ever

Pennywise just (also) killed one of Deadpool's records

UPDATE (9/10/17, 12:23 p.m. ET): It has nearly doubled its projected domestic earnings at the box office for its debut weekend, grossing $117.2 million for its first three days in theaters.

All other R-rated movies and their respective openings may have to yield to the deadly clutches of Pennywise, because It just murdered a bunch of box office records after tons of people showed up to watch the Losers Club face that evil clown.

It's Friday night gross is insanely impressive and comes in at over $51 million, but It's Thursday night previews — which brought in $13.5 million — has the modernized Stephen King classic checking off a bunch of accomplishments in its first two days in theaters alone. Deadpool previously held the status of the top-grossing R-rated movie for Thursday night previews (it made $12.7 million for its Thursday night screenings). It not only blew past that, but also clinched the distinctions for strongest opening ever for a horror movie, the best opening weekend earnings for a King horror epic, and best opening for a movie in September, period.

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Considering how It was expected to bring in $65-70 million, this is a massive deal and one that speaks to the enthusiasm (or, uh, morbid curiosity) audiences hold for the re-vamp of one of King's most iconic stories.

The people have spoken: They are super, super into getting scared senseless by the creepiest clown cinema has ever seen, and the Losers Club are definitely winners this time around.

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