Rihanna's New Look Is Straight Out Of 'Breaking Bad'

Yea, science!

If you're a card-carrying member of the #Nehvy like me, you've likely seen the videos of Rihanna sprinting into mobs of fans in France. TBH, you've probably watched them multiple times and searched the web high and low for somewhere to send your resume so you can be in the running for whatever job gets to walk around Paris with Rihanna on your shoulders.

Well, now it's time to pause a beat and soak in the image in front of you. That is: Rih's outfit.

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Rihanna Sighting In Paris

This glossy silver jumpsuit + light blue gloves look is fresh off the Dior Fall 2014 runway. Rih's only alterations are removing the waist-cinching belt (it probs limits her range of motion) and adding big chunky boots instead of pointy heels. Oh, and diamonds. Lots of those.

It's a—erm—unique look. But not one we haven't seen before.



Remember Season 1 of Breaking Bad? When Walter and Jesse were still cooking in Jesse's basement with materials swiped from the high school chemistry lab? Back before the now-iconic yellow jumpsuits they wore when they were working for Gus, these two wore these less colorful coveralls but always with the big blue gloves. See the resemblance, (bitch)?

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> on December 18, 2014 in Paris, France.

Considering Rih is a documented fan of the show, could this mean a BrBa-themed plotline for her new music video??? Probably not, but a girl can dream, right?

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