North West, Age 1, Has Already Inspired A Clothing Collection

North West can't even read Vogue yet—or anything for that matter—but she already sits higher on the fashion totem pole than most celebrities. She has her own front row seat at Givenchy, Alexander Wang, and the debut of her dad's Adidas collab. She's had the honor of posing for Karl Lagerfeld in custom Chanel. She's appeared on the pages of Vogue. Not to mention, her aunt Kylie Jenner counts North as her style icon. Now, Nori can add one more accolade to her growing list: inspiring her mom Kim Kardashian's latest fashion venture.

Kim had North in mind while working on the next Kardashian Kids line. In an interview with (what else?) Vogue, Kim hinted that her future line would include more accessories à la North's personal preferences. “Well, North does love handbags,” Kim said. “And anything where there’s a little bit of glitz.” Hats, however, are out of the question. “She hasn’t been the biggest fan of keeping something on her head,” she said.

Shoes, meanwhile, are North's favorite accessory at the moment. “Every day she wakes up and says ‘shoes,’" Kim shared. "You have to bargain with her—before you change her diaper she needs a pair of shoes on.”

At this rate, North West is going to be receiving the CFDA's coveted fashion icon award by the time she turns three.