Lee Wants Tattoo Hidden From Jury

Tommy Lee is attempting to erase all evidence of the Nazi swastika tattoo he was sporting on his arm when he threw a Jewish cameraman to the ground outside L.A.'s Viper Room in 1996. AP obtained court documents on Wednesday that showed that Lee's lawyers are requesting that any information regarding the tattoo be kept from the jury when Lee goes to court April 9 in a civil suit brought against him by photographer Henry Trappler.

The tattoo has since been removed but the symbol was clearly visible the night the bare armed Lee grabbed Trappler's camera and swung the man to the ground displacing his hip and causing other injuries.

Lee pleaded no contest to criminal charges of battery and was given two years probation and ordered to pay Trappler $17,500. He was also ordered to take anger management counseling. He now faces a lawsuit from Trappler for assault and battery, negligence and interference with his civil rights. No dollar amount has been specified.


reports that Lee's lawyer is arguing that the swastika is "simply a stupid tattoo," it never was a reflection of Lee's views, and to include its existence would "needlessly inflame the passions of the jury" against the rock star. Trappler's lawyer is opposing the motion.

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