Did Benedict Cumberbatch Just Reveal Simon Pegg Is In 'Star Wars: Episode VII'?

Fitting a Simon Pegg into a 'Star Wars' hole.

With Reporting by Josh Horowitz

Waaaait a second. Did Benedict Cumberbatch just say what we think he said?

The "Star Trek Into Darkness" and "Sherlock" actor swung by MTV News' live stream during San Diego Comic-Con this week, talking about his voice work in "Penguins of Madagascar," and showing off other great feats of voice acting strength. (Seriously, Cumberbatch's Gollum impression should put fear into Andy Serkis' heart.) During our chat, the conversation turned to the subject of "Star Wars: Episode VII," and whether or not Cumberbatch was seriously considered for a role, as was once rumored.

His answer is very, very interesting.

"J.J. and I are friends, so yeah, possibly," Cumberbatch said when asked if he and Abrams discussed a part in the "Star Wars" franchise. "But I think J.J. is very good at creating something original out of something known, and I think apart from his continuing use of Simon Pegg — and who can blame him, frankly — it made sense not to do it."

Let's rewind: Cumberbatch specifically says "apart from his continuing use of Simon Pegg." Did he just confirm the rumors that Pegg has a role in the new "Star Wars" movie? Is he simply referring to Pegg's consistent appearances in Abrams' "Mission: Impossible" and "Star Trek" franchises, or is there something more?

We already know Simon Pegg visited the "Star Wars" set, though we don't know why. He could have been filming a role, however big or small, or he could have been visiting because, like Cumberbatch, he's buddies with Abrams. Who can say for sure?

If Abrams does have a role for Pegg in the new "Star Wars," then it's just as Cumberbatch said: Who can blame him? They're a fantastic pair, and we'd be very happy to see them reunited in the galaxy far, far away.

For his own part, Cumberbatch would only say that he's not in "Episode VII," but there are multiple movies still to follow — you never know what might happen next.

"This is the first film of many," he said, "so watch this space."

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