METZ Preps 'Sludgy, Grimier' Sophomore Record


METZ, the all-caps hardcore punk group from Toronto, has been operating at full-speed since it released its self-titled debut last year -- from its fast-paced jams to its fast-paced tour schedule. For its upcoming sophomore release, however, the band plans to slow things down with some "sludgy, grimier tunes," according to vocalist Alex Edkins.

METZ will be taking a breather to record its follow-up. “We’ve really been going strong on touring so this marks the last show of the year for us,” Edkins told Hive after their set at FYF festival. “September, October, when we get home we’re going to be in the jam space, working on the new record.”

“With the first record, we wanted to make it a real jolt -- a quick introduction to the band, in-and-out, a punch in the face. But I don’t necessarily think that will be the plan from here on out,” Edkins continued. “We still really enjoy playing short bursts of loud and aggressive music -- I don’t think that’s going to be it, though. I think we’re going to spread things out.”

For METZ, “spreading things out” means dialing back on their full-throttle pace. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we tried to make more sludgy, grimier tunes -- then at least we can have a breather on stage,” Edkins said.

“By the end of our show, we usually want to pass out and drop dead. So it’s crossed our minds, ‘Hey guys, it’d be kind of smart if we were to write a couple slower numbers, even just for the live show; interludes or something.'"

Aside from a few slower songs, the band will be otherwise sticking to the same formula that made their debut so grabbing. “It’s still got the basic ingredients," Edkins said. "We’re not adding anything extravagant. We’re sticking to the same recipe as far as bass, drums, and guitar. When the band started, we told each other, ‘Let’s see what we can do with just these three instruments and force ourselves to get new sounds of them. Let’s keep it simple and stupid.’ To me, music like that can really resonate and hit you where it counts and we’ve proven that it’s true.”

METZ hasn’t yet figured out a title but they do have a release date in mind: “We’re going to aim for 2014," Edkins said.