Manson Shooting "Coma White" Video

Marilyn Manson is set to film a video for "Coma White," the third single from "Mechanical Animals," in Los Angeles on February 20 and 21 with director Sam Bayer -- the man who helped bring the grunge revolution to TV with his video for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Past Bayer projects have included Blind Melon's bee-girl hit "No Rain," and Hole's "Doll Parts.

Manson told fans via a post on his official website that the clip would be "the most beautiful and disturbing video we have ever done," and that the final product would make its debut on his homepage, at

It also appears that Manson will be staging another chat on his site sometime in the next week or two, just prior to the February 28 start of his North American tour with Hole and Monster Magnet. Once the chat is announced, questions can be submitted to the official site, and the ones eventually chosen will be answered by

Manson in a live video format.

According to Nothing Records' Seems Like Salvation news site, Manson is expected to make another statement about his altercation and/or litigation with former Spin Editor Craig Marks, or at least discuss it in the chat.