Treat Your Fashion 'Wanderlust' With These Stylish Picks

Can you imagine ditching an urban jungle like New York City for a not-so-urban forest and a bunch of hippies?

Neither can we, but that's exactly what Linda (Jennifer Aniston) and George (Paul Rudd) had to do when they faced unemployment in the movie "Wanderlust."

As they traveled in search of a new home, our minds followed their changes in fashion, which were reflective of where they were. Ultimately, as they end up in "Hippie Land," we were submersed in a world fringe and skin-baring clothing.

Even if that hippie-like style doesn't particularly appeal to you, Linda and George manage a few looks that could work for just about anyone. See for yourself in our the latest Get the Goods — you won't have to go far to score the hip looks from "Wanderlust."

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