5 'Jersey Shore' Potty Fouls

It's safe to assume that a significant portion of the world knows about Snooki's UTI--even her dad got an earful of the dirty details. While she raised awareness about her bladder issues, bathroom accidents are hardly just a Meatball Problem--they affect the entire "Jersey Shore" house. To prove our point, we rounded up five memorable potty fouls.

1. JWOWW Pops A Squat: Remember when JWOWW peed behind Karma's deserted upstairs bar because the line for the ladies' room was too long? We sure do! She hosed the evidence down with fountain soda while Snooki--and millions of viewers--looked on in amusement.

2. Sitch Gets Stuck: Instead of having an issue getting into a bathroom, Mike had trouble getting out. Thanks to a faulty water closet door at the gang's Italian villa, he was forced to hang by the toilet way longer than duty called for.

3. The Case Of The Clogged Toilet: During Season 3, the downstairs bathroom was busted for weeks before the cast finally called the plumbers to unclog the prob. What did they find? A wifebeater! No one ever fessed up to sticking that tank top down the tubes, but everyone was very happy to see removed.

4. Panties In The Potty: Who can forget the case of the dirty drawers? Pauly discovered some skanky underoos in the restroom while he was using it one day, then left the unmentionables in the middle of the living room. While no one claimed ownership of the goods, Deena didn't have a issue picking them up with her bare hands. Hmm.

5. Mike's Sit-Down Stance: In a recent Jersey Shore Dailies clip, Sitch revealed he's got more than one method when draining the main vein. Dude wasn't ashamed to admit he sometimes takes a seat, though his boys found it rather perplexing. Watch the clip here:

+ Any moments we forgot to mention? Let us know what you think of the Seaside crew's toilet track record in the comments!

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