Watch Britney Spears Suck Helium And Sing A Taylor Swift Song

You've never heard 'Shake It Off' sound this chipmunk-like

Britney Spears may have mixed feelings about Ariana Grande, but she’s apparently a closet Taylor Swift fan.

The pop princess proved as much during a recent appearance on the U.K.’s Jonathan Ross Show, where she took part in the “Helium Challenge” after losing a round of “Forfeit Tennis” (British talk shows are weird). Ross explained to Brit that she had to take a big gulp from a pink balloon and then sing any song, even one of her own, as long as it’s “something we all know.”

Rather than choose a cut from her latest album, Glory, Spears opted to squeak out the hook from Taylor’s 2014 hit “Shake It Off,” much to the audience’s approval. Hmmm... is Britney secretly a Swiftie, or is she just trying to compensate for that time she unintentionally threw shade at Taylor by forgetting they had ever met? Honestly, it doesn’t matter — this moment’s just too cute.

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