The Cast Of 'Hannah Montana' Took Us Down Memory Lane For The 10th Anniversary

Sweet niblets, where has the time gone?

If you live under a rock — or at least stayed off the Internet yesterday — you'll be pleased to know Hannah Montana turned the big 1-0, which means we've been saying "sweet niblets" for a solid decade. Rad.

To help celebrate the anniversary, the cast of the hit Disney show shared plenty of throwback pics and videos from set, and let me tell you, they bring back such sweet childhood memories. We wrote about Miley Cyrus's first post addressing Hannah Montana and how the character "is chopped up into little tiny pieces and buried in [her] backyard," but there are a ton of other great memories, too. Prepare to have the best of both worlds.

Billy Ray Cyrus shared the cover of the pilot episode's script. The nostalgia is too damn high.

"Dang Flabbit!!," the actor and musician captioned. "Can't believe it's been 10 years since @DisneyChannel introduced the world to our show! #10YearsOfHannahMontana."

Mitchel Musso wrote a super sweet message to his friends and former costars. I'm not crying, you're crying.

"When I think of family I think of you girls ❤️ thank you for always being my best and always having my back -Mitchy."

Emily Osment's #tbt pic featured them as BBs who are still friends to this day.

"Ten years ago yesterday, Hannah Montana aired on the Disney Channel. Yes, this is what 14 year olds used to look like, no teeth no worries. Thank you to everyone who stuck with us all these years, we couldn't have done it without you, and hopefully Mitch still has his 'STOP' belt buckle-because fashion. So nice to hear from both of these cutie pies this morning and I'm sure I'll see you both soon. Big, big love."

Miley's TV boyfriend Jake Ryan (Cody Linley) shared a collage of pics from his episodes.

Man, his hair changed a lot during the show's run. MTV News recently spoke to the actor about playing Cyrus's TV boyfriend.

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, who played Ashley Dewitt, a.k.a. Mean Girl #1, included a throwback pic featuring Corbin Bleu and a puppy.

Amber Addison, a.k.a. Mean Girl #2 (Shanica Knowles) also got in on the fun and shared her own old school pics.

Knowles did a mini Q&A on Instagram and revealed, "My favorite episode was the 'Idol Side of Me' because I got to sing with @mileycyrus and we ate a lot of candy when we weren't filming."

Sounds like they were definitely pumpin' up the party. (Sorry.)

Romi Dames, who was the nasally-congested Traci Van Horn, shared a short video about a souvenir she took from set.

We're pleased that she doesn't actually sound like her character IRL.

Even Jon Cryer, who guest-starred on the show as Osment's dad, commented on the anniversary.

His quote retweet was in response to Osment's Instagram post, and she promptly tweeted, "Miss you, dad! 💕" at him.

But it's Miley's big bro Jackson's (Jason Earles) Instagram that's really poppin' with Hannah Montana vibes.

Apparently, Jackson is Rico's (Moises Arias) godfather?! Who knew?

"Me and Moi. Fun fact. I am literally his god father [sic]. Love you man."

Bucky Kentucky made an appearance.

Earles admitted "I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak," which featured Jackson as the rockstar Bucky Kentucky, was one of his favorite episodes.

As did Elvis.

There was a snap of the Jason/Mitchel bromance.

And one of the iconic wig, of course.

"This picture is very confusing in its message. We all secretly wanted to wear the wig. Lol," Earles joked.

Earles captioned this as the "best tv family ever," and that about sums it up.

Because the Hannah Montana squad definitely had the best of both worlds.

(I'm not sorry about that pun.)

And there was a mini reunion of sorts.

Earles, Dames, Bill Sindelar (who had a bit part on a Season Two episode), and Douglas Lieblein (a writer/producer for the show) got together.

Plus, the actors were catching up on old times and laughing about ~something~.

Also, Musso's name for Cyrus in his phone is "Smiley," which is seriously too freakin' cute.

Osment teased fans about what the cast members were laughing about by not telling them what they were laughing about.

Breaking out those good ol' context clues I learned in elementary school, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they're laughing about something super inappropriate.

BONUS: Paul Butcher, who played Jamie Lynn Spears's little brother on Zoey 101, shared his own memory of Miley on the anniversary.

"It's been 11 years of #zoey101 and #10yearsofhannahmontana.. It's crazy how time flies. Much love to all the cast and to my bae, the wonderful @mileycyrus," the actor and musician captioned.

But if this list didn't mention that Cyrus was actually watching Hannah Montana and 'gramming it, I'd feel like I failed you.

She also shared a clip from one of Bleu's episodes, adding #hannahmontanaisveganlol. Plus, she shared a clip of her ex-TV boyfriend's (Linley) famous line as a zombie slayer.

Oh, and can't forget this.

She captioned the screenshot, "Art imitates life."

Hannah Montana forever.


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