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A 'Walking Dead' Character Came Back From The Grave For 'La La Land'

Spencer and Negan have ‘a lovely night’

Sunday night's entertainment offerings presented quite the dilemma: the 2017 Oscars, or the newest episode of The Walking Dead? (God bless DVRs, amirite?) Luckily, one TWD actor managed to combine both zombies and Hollywood A-listers in one pic. Austin Nichols (Spencer Monroe), who was disembowled by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) after trying to get Negan to kill Rick Grimes, may not be on the show anymore, but at least he was in La La Land. Well, sort of.

During the award show, Nichols posted an A-plus mashup of TWD and La La Land to Instagram. “So honored to be a part of such a great movie this year at the #oscars #guts,” he captioned.

This piece of art came via a tweet from the official TWD Twitter account, which also posted faux movie posters for three other Best Picture nominees: Arrival, Lion, and Fences.

In these fake posters, the world must deal with the terrifying arrival of Negan (and Lucille) instead of aliens; plus, Lion was so last year, because King Ezekiel and his pet tiger are the new indie-movie craze. And the heartfelt reunion hug between Daryl and Rick inspired the sure-to-be Oscar winner Hilltop Fences.

So many puns in one exceptional tweet. It almost made us forget the Oscars went on for approximately 12 hours.