Justin Bieber's New Album Is Probably Called 'Purpose' -- Here's What Fans Are Saying

#Nov13 is just #6Weeks away.

Justin Bieber has spent a large part of 2015 reinventing himself, ditching his I'm-just-a-kid past (and all the troubles that came with it) in favor of two very musically accomplished songs and a more mature life outlook.

That transformation will be finally complete, it seems, in six weeks -- when the "What Do You Mean" singer finally releases his fourth album, probably called Purpose. Biebs announced the (maybe) title on Instagram and Twitter on Friday.

This new album is an especially big deal because it's the singer's first since 2012's Believe. Beliebers everywhere immediately freaked out, because that's just what you do.

"About damn time" is right.

Some couldn't quite make out the squiggles.

Some embraced the grand synchronicity of life.

Some (perhaps) referenced Justin's One Direction shade-throwing from earlier this week.

Some found it "inspirational."

Some described it in vaguely religious terms.

And some said what we're all thinking.

#6weeks until purpose, guys. Are we really ready?

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