Take A Peek At Page 1 Of The Next 'Awkward.' Episode's Script!


While some school years start off with corny essays about summer vacations and bad tan lines, the "Awkward" gang pulled out all the stops upon their return to Palos Hills High. We're only one week in and so much has already gone down (like, six feet down -- R.I.P. Ricky Schwartz), but if we know this show, there are much more surprises to come.

Sometimes we're lucky to get a little inside info here at Remote Control, and since knowing a secret and not being able to share it is no fun, we're letting you in on this gem we JUST scored -- hot off the presses! It's the first page of the next episode's script, and the dialogue between Jenna and Matty foreshadows, yes, you got it, major awkwardness.

Will Jenna and Matty make it work? Will Val get to the bottom of Ricky's death? Will Jake and Tamara stop making out long enough to realize they don't actually speak French that well? Only time will tell, but don't you worry -- we'll be giving you lots of little nuggets of intel like this one along the way. Check out the script sneak below, and tune in for the full episode Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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