Did Evan Peters Dye His Hair Red For 'American Horror Story'?

And could it be a clue?

The new season of American Horror Story already has us asking 10,000 questions, the main one being: WHAT IS THE THEME?! Now we’re also wondering if AHS alum Evan Peters is going to be a ginger on the spooky anthology series.

Earlier this month, paparazzi snapped pics of a hat-wearing Peters grabbing coffee in West Hollywood. But after taking a closer look, something is definitely different with his hair; it looks red instead of his usual brown.

JLM / Splash News

Evan Peters

But is it actually red, and not just a trick of the sunlight? Fans seem to think so, and they’re freaking TF out about it on Twitter, saying they’re “gonna die he is so perfect” and also that they can’t “take it, it’s too much” because it’s “amazing.” Someone even suggested that notable redhead “Sophie Turner should say something about it.”

The smoking gun? The Wrap’s Ada Guerin tweeted this pic on Wednesday (August 24) and it seems to confirm Peters’ hair is, in fact, red. 🔥🔥🔥

Since we still don’t know the theme for AHS Season 6, good luck speculating on why he’d have to dye his hair. Based on the newest teaser below, my guess is Peters is paying homage to evil Malachi Boardman from Children of the Corn. September 14 can’t get here soon enough.

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