'Jersey Shore' Friction: Is Angelina Disrespecting Mike And Lauren With Her Instagram?

Mrs. Situation isn't exactly feeling the dirty little hamster's IG

Angelina is in a bit of a situation -- with Mrs. Situation.

During this week's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode, Lauren went on a Vegas getaway with Jenni and Angelina (shortly after Mike began his eight-month prison sentence). But prior to departure, Angelina heard secondhand that Lauren was "really annoyed" that she was sharing tabloid stories about her fam "on the Instagram."

When Lauren brought it up to Angelina, the Seaside sharter stated that it's not a "big deal."

"I had to hear from [JWOWW] that you were mad at me because my page is posting Mike's swipe-ups," she said. "At the end of the day, it's my Instagram, and if I make money on it, and it's not that bad..."

But what Lauren deems "not that bad" is totally different from Angelina's version, as one of the clickbait articles apparently said that Lauren is pregnant, which she's not.


"Angelina, take accountability and review your sh*t," Lauren said. "If you have a close relationship with me or you have a close relationship with my husband, I would think that you wouldn't want to hurt that. I just think that if you value a relationship at a certain level with Mike or myself, you would scale back."

While Angelina did agree to "scale back" -- her words were, "I'm not a dick" -- she never actually apologized to Mike's other half. That may be because she's over saying "sorry." As she noted earlier, "This family is always asking me to say 'sorry' for things that I do not do. I am always the one that just says 'sorry' just so I don't have to deal with it, and then I'm like, 'Why am I saying sorry for this scenario?' It doesn't even make sense."


But what do you think: Should Angelina have tried harder to make amends, and is she disrespecting Mike and Lauren with her IG? Or is it no big deal like she says? Tell us your thoughts, then catch more Vegas shenanigans on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c. And for all things Jersey Shore related, subscribe to our official YouTube channel here!

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